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Arcadia larp

Live Action Roleplay- Devon, UK

Devon Larp


The Devon Larp- Arcadia is a budding new live-action roleplay (LARP) group based in Exeter, Devon, run by a diverse and wide variety of skilled referees, writers, 'game masters' and veteran LARP'ers, whose primary goal is to create a friendly, respectful, fun roleplay environment for all those interested in carving their stories in the world of Terra. If this sounds like your ideal weekend, Arcadia LARP is the group for you! Arcadia Larp can only be attended for those 18 years and over.

What is LARP?

Live-action Roleplay, or LARP, is first and foremost a game. LARP allows you to physically act out the fictional, fantasy characters of your deepest imaginations alongside others of a similar mindset, often in a group or 'community'. Wearing fantasy-setting and early period clothing, hitting people with foam weapons, casting spells via shouting across a field and a weekend of camping with some of the most interesting and creative people you will ever meet, are just some of the things you can look forward too if you decide you want to give it a go. LARP is similar to tabletop roleplaying games, such as DnD, in that you get to create and customize your own character, complete with a character sheet, experience, levels, and a myriad of racial options to experience adventure controlled by a creative group of 'Game-Masters', or referees. The major difference however is that rather than sitting around a table, LARP enables you to experience the adrenaline of adventure first hand, by allowing you to act out the entire session in-person alongside others.

We at Arcadia LARP encourage anyone, veteran or newbie roleplayers all, to give it a go. Even those who have never roleplayed before will find a friendly, immersive system to ease into alongside an accepting and mature community. You might even find a new hobby!


Arcadia Larp Events

Arcadia: Vol.I, Chapter V



“Arcadia offers a rich inclusive environment for both seasoned Roleplayers and Newcomers. The crew are made up of veterans and enthusiasts with a talent to create fun and alluring plotlines for all to be involved with. I found myself able to express my character as I wished, and the crew  were always encouraging entertaining ideas and interactions.


The game world pulls some of the best ideas and features I have seen at a LARP along with its own unique mechanics which are refreshing. Equally the world lore is well established and in depth offering players a large resource to pull inspiration from without limiting your own input.

Like most LARPs combat is a large element, but if that's not your thing the crew work tirelessly to create puzzles, riddles, competitions, hunts and many other non combat activities to enjoy.


The site itself is one of the best locations I have participated on offering everything from large open spaces, covered woodlands and communal areas, with a little imagination the terrain can be used to protect your allies or surprise your enemies!

The Arcadia LARP is fantastic event, perfect for those new to LARP or for those who just wish  to experience a new adventure with plenty of action along the way.”

Devon larp



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Our Arcadia team is happy to assist with any questions or enquiries you may have be it In Character or Out of Character. Use the form below and we will get back to you ASAP.

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