Arcadia System

Arcadia LARP is an annual, live-action roleplay event held in Devon, England.

We welcome all players, new and veteran roleplayers alike, but those interest should bare in mind it is an 18+ event.

Our mission statement is to provide a fun and immersive roleplay, backed by an airtight, easy to understand system. We at Arcadia LARP guarantee your enjoyment thanks to an experienced, creative group of referees and game-masters with many years of combined experience running such events. We also give an assurance that any issues raised either in game or out of game will be addressed professionally, respectfully and with serious interest. We want everyone to have fun, full stop.

Each event offers a small amount of weapons training, tutorial quests and much more. These sessions can not only ease you into the world of Arcadia, but also into LARP in general. Our game team are always happy to help, whether on the field or off, in providing roleplay, helping with character creation, or dealing with questions and queries. Feel free to contact any member of the game team should you need any help at all. Keep up to date with LARP, or get in touch with us by checking out our Facebook Page!

Character Design


Character Background

We encourage players to come with a bit of background about their character and how they might have traveled safely to Sanctuary. Arcadia LARP have written down almost all the Lore for the Arcadia world which can be found on our wikia page at We would like you to research your player race and culture before coming to the event so you can understand the customs of your people. Once you are happy with your concept and are famliar with the ruleset you can download and complete our Character Sheet.


If possible please submit your completed Character Sheet to prior to the event, we will be happy to respond with advice and answer any queries you may have. Please print a hard copy as you will need it on your person so our refs can make adjustments relevant to your character such as rewards and loot. Our staff will be more than happy to go through your character with you indivdually. The latest Arcadia ruleset can be found at the bottom of this page .

Kingdoms and Cultures

Arcadia takes place in a diverse world rich in culture. Where your character grew up and the culture they were exposed to has an effect, not only on their history, but also it is what shaped them into who they are. Depending on where your character comes from, they will be eligible for additional perk discounts as with the playable races. You should also give thought to your character’s costuming and personality based on the chosen culture.



Aridia is the Crowning Jewel of the High Kingdom and home of the long-lived Elven people. Taking inspiration from Greek culture, Aridia is a realm of great beauty and affluent style. Considered by many to be the fairest Kingdom, Aridia is the ruling Nation of the High Kingdom.

Common Races

As the most elitist society, Aridia is predominantly elven. Other races are sometimes lucky enough to live within its borders but only the fairest and most intelligent non-elves are likely to find a home there.


Aridia is made up of three distinct sub-cultures: Highborn Aridia, Sunless Aridia, and Wildwood Aridia. Though they possess cultural differences, these three sub-cultures are unified as one kingdom and function with respectable solidarity. The most prominent cultural theme present in all three sub-cultures is the matriarchal way of the Aridians. Not only is the nation ruled by the High Queen, but all females within Aridia are considered superior to the males.

Highborn Aridia

Dwelling within the finely developed marble cities of Aridia, the Highborn are the most civilized and educated. They live long lives full of structure and dignity. Above all other living things, they consider themselves nobility and have a habit of looking down upon everyone else.

Sunless Aridia

The Sunless live in ornate settlements made within networks of caves and tunnels beneath the Highborn cities. Miners and craftspeople, mostly, they are Aridia’s working class. Their homes are always cold and dark and they carry an intimidating air about them but, despite this, the Sunless Aridians are the friendliest of the Aridian people; exceedingly wary of strangers, but accepting and generous to people they find they can trust.

Wildwood Aridia

The forests within and around Aridia, which stretch to the Avalonian borders, are home to the Wildwood Aridians. These nature-orientated people are particularly hostile towards outsiders, going as far as to kill in cold blood anyone who so much as startles a rabbit. Due to making their homes among nature, Wildwood Aridians incorporate more practical style into their attire which makes them appear more rugged than the other sub-cultures.


All three Aridian sub-cultures share a Grecian style with typical fantasy elven flair. Clothing ranges from simple togas to the most elegant of flowing dresses with ample golds and whites. Armour among the Highborn and Sunless is usually Spartan in resemblance while Wildwood Aridians set the standard for nature-themed leather sets.


Avalon is an Arthurian realm of knights, lords and politics reminiscent of medieval europe. Its citizens hide a world of intrigue and guile behind a rich culture of honour and glory. Bordering Aridia, Avalon is the second-most prominent nation within the High Kingdom.

Common Races

Avalon was originally founded as a purely human nation. Since then, however, it has become something of a cultural centre and attained a large amount of racial diversity. Even among nobility, people of all races can be found among Avalon’s citizens, though the royal line has remained human.


Though they are heavily influenced by Aridian culture, valuing fair beauty, nobility and political power, the feudal people of Avalon have a more rugged and practical way of life. Theirs is the way of the dark ages, where the nobility are born into wealth and comfort while countrymen work tirelessly beneath them and remain poor. Contrast to their Aridian allies, and as a matter of constant contention between the two nations, Avalon is extremely patriarchal. While noble women lead comfortable lives and a shrewd woman can achieve status and power, Avalonian men are dominant in general and quick to assume a woman to be beneath them.


Clothing within Avalon follows a typical fantasy-feudal archetype. Tabbards and platemail are common for warriors, nobles adorn themselves in expensive jerkins and dresses, and serfs wear whatever ragged pieces they can. It is also common for Avalonians to imitate the fantasy elven styles of Aridia.



Originally formed to repel invaders from Avalon, Gautlond is a united nation comprised of the many tribes which took up residence in the cold northern lands. They are a patriotic people who, since becoming consolidated into the High Kingdom, sport unwavering loyalty to the High Queen.

Common Races

The Gautish people believe that all are equal, having no concept of racism. The only advantage any race may have is that, as the High Queen historically will only take an elf or human for her king, elves and humans are favoured as rulers of Gautlond. Despite that, the equality in Gautlond is such that even orcs have found themselves on the throne and every person, no matter their race, is welcome in among the Gautish tribes.


The Gautish people have a reputation of being hulking, ugly barbarians who do naught but fight. While it is true that the Gautish tend to be stronger, tougher and better in battle than citizens of other nations, their culture is actually one of great peace. Gautlond is a meritocracy void of all discrimination. In Gautlond you are judged and rewarded on your aptitude in your chosen craft and nothing else. Leaders get power by being good at leading and nobody, no matter how humble their beginnings, is held back from becoming who they want to be. Sexism, racism and all other forms of discrimination very quickly have a Gautlonder at arms. Fighting, however, as long as it is consensual, is perfectly acceptable and often used to resolve disputes among the Gautish in a friendly manner.


With no interest in fashion, the Gautish attire is a practical blend of Celtic and Nordic clothing. Furs and hides are especially common to keep a Gautlonder warm in their cold northern homeland. As most Gautlonders have little interest is wealth either, jewellery is rare though trinkets and trophies aren’t uncommon.


Governed by a council of merchants, the free state of Kerasi is thought to be the wealthiest nation in the world. Its citizens are shrewd and driven strongly by greed for monetary gain. Any worth-while Kerasian could afford to hire their own small army, but Kerasi has no military of its own. Instead, peace with the other nations is ensured through a thousand trade agreements. If Kerasi was ever to embargo another nation, that nation’s economy would almost certainly collapse within a year.

Common Races

Long ago, the nomads who founded Kerasi would often undertake a joining ritual to bond their spirits with cats – a sacred animal at the time. Since then, Kerasi has completely lost its spirituality and the secrets of the joining ritual along with it, but the population of Mau has not declined. Mau enjoy Kerasi’s hot climate and naturally make for excellent businessmen so, while anybody with a full coin-purse can be a respected citizen of the state regardless of race, these cat-people are certainly the most common, successful and iconic Kerasians.


While Avalonians hide their motives in a secretive world of intrigue, Kerasians openly acknowledge their corruption and, in some cases, even revere it. Kerasians care little for physical strength, skill or even beauty – unless, of course, it can be sold. Instead, a Kerasian is valued for a sharp wit, a silver tongue, a shrewd mind and deep pockets. Rules and taxes are put in place by the council of merchant princes but each Kerasian is free to conduct their own business. The council itself is simply made up of the wealthiest of Kerasians who each care more for their personal gain than the political structure of their nation.


Especially fond of silk and satin as displays of wealth, Kerasians tend towards light robes suitable for the desert heat of Kerasi. Golden Jewellery is worn whenever possible and a true Kerasian delights in advertising their expensive tastes. Unfortunate citizens of Kerasi who find themselves unable to turn a profit quite like their countrymen often find themselves working for them adorned in shameful, but practical linen garbs.



The Nakatan Shogunate, the Dragon Empire, or the Samurai Kingdom is the homeland of the mysterious and honorable Nakatan Samurai, and more notably the even more unknown Naga.  The Shogunate itself was created from the ruins of the Naga Shogunate by the Aridian and Avalonian invaders during the Land March, and although its formation was one packed with controversy and conflict for many years afterwards, it stands today as one of the four founding nations of the High Kingdom itself, as well as a stalwart ally and supporter of the High Queen.

Common Races

Since recorded history began with the Aridian people, who did not encounter the Naga until they had long since created their Shogunate, it is not clear where the Naga people came from or how their Kingdom came to be. Old tales told by Nakatan bards say that the first of the Naga was a warrior soul who bonded with the soul of a Dragon to become stronger, and he subsequently taught his clan how to do it upon success. How true this can be is often debated by High Kingdom scholars to this day, whom argue the origin of the Naga might be the same as that of other established beast species, like the Mau.


The Nakatan culture is most noteworthy for its incredibly strict view on honour and discipline. Although it is common for an individual to skewer the concept of honour in their own mind and still be accepted by their peers despite the atrocities they commit, one thing that cannot be argued about a Nakatan is the sheer discipline they possess.

Although discipline is generally only expected to be adhered to by those in a high-value craft (like Weaponsmiths and Crafters), Honour is the one value Nakatans hold above all. Loyalty to your liege, adherence to your Clan’s code of conduct, and a fair and honourable fight are but some of the traditions and facets of honour that are strictly obeyed. However, a rather quaint Nakatan opinion on honour is the upholding of tradition. To this end, the Nakatan culture is incredibly traditionalist in that regard, and is almost the the most technologically stunted in comparison to other known cultures, unlike the progressive Avalonians. The use of magic is immensely distrusted beyond the basics, and although it can be used by someone conceived as wise or knowledgeable, its use in battle is generally considered to be a sign of physical weakness in one's body, and thus dishonourable.


Oriental style dress the more colourful and ornate the more wealth and prestige you have, the less you have the more simple the cloths and colours becomes. Warriors wear colourful scaled patterned armor and even fierce designed helms of demon or dragon faces.



The Islands are several days sail from the coast of Aridia. Used in the past centuries as a prison colony until an up rise from the prisoners. Since the uprising it has become a safe Haven for any wayward soul that needs a quiet life free from the shackles of the laws set forth by the Queen. The settlers known as the Islanders have homes in shack like fishing villages across the main islands.

Common Races

Any and all races have felled the territory of the Queen's rule, or the oppression of their ancient culture.


Due to the increase of multiple races fleeing and making a new home for themselves there is no set culture. There are many shrines to many gods and deities, the Islanders are accepting of each other's religions just not the Queen's law. There is no hierarchy system on the Islands there is the council which oversees the running of villages. Though wealth is earned from the sweat off a man's brow in the fishing villages or if they have a ship all that they can carry.


Pirate type costumes most likely to be worn from age and use, from the mix of cultures it could have a little not of everything. The more ornate the more wealth you have, due to the mix of culture a small influence of Darwen fashion found its way into the Islander attire making a slight steampunk style look.