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The Calling

As you finally bed down for the night and close your eyes. You feel the soft familiar tug of sleep, pulling you into a deep slumber. You might often dream but rarely wake with memories of them, however, this night was different. The dream starts with you surrounded by woodland, there's a slight metallic tang to the air that invades your nostrils and coats the inside of your mouth. The smell isn't as unpleasant as the taste; you look around your immediate area for the slightest hint of something to drink. The wind suddenly picks up it blows around you hard and you feel like it's pushing you forwards, a whisper can be heard on the wind. "Arcadia" it sounds like a female voice although it's barely audible over a sudden loud crashing and clattering sound that seems to be getting closer. "Acadia" you find it hard to think with the noise and the wind pushing you harder but something finally penetrates the deepest depths of your mind and you recall a tale from a bard. "Arcadia" the tale talked of an ancient place now just legend of unbelievable power, an invisible shield that stopped the enemy from entering and slaughtering all inside. "Arcadia" the noise is almost deafening now and your heart is pounding which is making it hard to breathe. The pounding of your heart drowns out the sound of the crashing as your ears begin to fill with the pulsing blood in your veins. You notice the smell has changed as your breathing increases, it smells of rotten meats which now tortures your nostrils and it makes you gag almost to the point of vomiting. The floor underneath is shaking; you turn on the spot when your body allows you as all your senses are being assaulted and it takes great effort to move. You are faced with a tidal wave of darkness that seems to be rushing towards you at great speed. "Arcadia" you start to run but feel like you're not getting anywhere. It's a horrible state of restless sleep your arms and legs are flailing as your mind tries to escape the horror. "Arcadia" without warning you feel your spirit being pulled away from the darkness and you allow yourself to go, thinking anywhere other than here must be better. "Acadia" a blinding white light takes your vision for just a moment, once it returns you find yourself under a vivid blue sky and you're standing in a field surrounded by trees. You feel safe, warm and at ease. The nasty gagging smells have been replaced by a summer's breeze and the darkness is nowhere to be seen. "Arcadia" you have a strong feeling that this is where you need to be and will be safe from the darkness. You awake the next morning feeling tired and stiff but there is a strong tug deep in your heart pulling you in a specific direction. You still feel the terror from the dream deep in the pit of your stomach and you can't shake the feeling that you aren't safe. The feeling doesn't go; you keep having the same dream for a few nights. Then the news starts to pour in troubles in other villages, the city is under attack from creatures. Creatures; that no two are alike from people's descriptions. You gather what you can and head in the direction that has been pulling at you for a few days now. There may be troubles on the way but at least you have a plan and staying put will most definitely get you killed.

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