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Arcadia Vol 1, Chapter 2 Prologue

StartFragmentBy the time the news has hit you, it's already too late. The City of Avalon has fallen, and the Kingdoms outskirts are overun with an unknown, dangerous enemy.

The Gautlonders formed the first Gautish Horde for over a thousand years.. and fell at the hands of the apocalyptic army. Aridia and Nakata have sealed their borders in an attempt to fight the enemy at their walls, but no news has arrived from either Nation since the news. The High-Kingdom is in tatters, and information from outside the borders isn't much better . The Kurasian Trade Routes have stopped trading, and no merchants are leaving for the Golden Sands. Or retu

rning. Even the Islands seem devoid of news, only tales of shipwrecks turning up on the shore.

The Sisterhood Chapters and Churches in towns and villages are ushering any survivors to the Sanctuaries. The closest one to you at this time is 'Arcadia', supposedly where the High Queen herself is hiding out. It's your best chance. But the journey there will be perilous. You will have to abandon your life as you knew it. No ships for the Islanders, no honorable death defending your homeland for the NakatansEndFragment

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