Arcadia: Volume I Chapter III, Fractures

With the Barrier protecting the denizens of Arcadia from the Demon Horde, the Camp Leaders turned their attentions inward to strengthen their holdings, make allies, and take the first few steps toward building a lasting new home - tempers and dark ambitions flared, lives were lost, and the consequences of the conflict are still felt to this day even among the Camp. The King is injured, the Queen is absent in ensuring his recovery, and the Camp has begun to show cracks, revealing further conflicts of interest and ideals at odds within Sanctuary. In an effort to attempt to heal these festering wounds and lighten the spirits in the safer times ahead, the Sisterhood, on the Queen's command, will be hosting the Crystal Solstice for the first time since the Demon invasion. But can a simple holiday hope to mend broken spirits? What dark forces are at play in the shadows of revelry, hoping to take advantage of the chaos? Can a moment of peace and togetherness hope to mend the fractures developing in camp? Come find out.

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