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Arcadia: Vol I Chapter IV: Expedition

In light of recent events, the camp finds themselves in a period of respite. The demons were routed from Arcadia sanctuary allowing the camp to embark on adventures further afield. One such adventure led a group to a settlement a day’s travel away. A village blighted by a shadowy foe sought aid from the camp…

The Queen has asked the brave warriors, wise mages, and keen explorers of Arcadia sanctuary to set out in search of surviving settlements in need of aid, establish secure trade routes and where possible encourage people to once again pledge allegiance to the Crown. The Queen has offered the assistance of her sisters in training to mind the main camp and tend to the gardens while the envoys are away.

The Queen has asked for volunteers to be her envoys. Only time will tell whether those that take up the mantle are doing so for purely loyalist, altruistic, or other motives. Travelling from base camp to the village will take one full day. The Arcadia discord channel will be open if players wish to role-play parts of the journey or you can create your own discussion groups

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