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Site And Event Safety

Please make yourself familiar with the following Site and Event Safety basic rules. These regard your safety and the safety of those around you and are of the utmost importance.


Site safety

  • Committee and game team member's decisions are final.

  • These rules apply throughout the whole site, including fields and car park.

  • No persons under the age of 18 may attend an event without special consent from the games team.

  • Cars must be parked in the parking area and not on the camping fields.

  • There is no resident warden on site.  

  • A doctor is available at The Silverton Health Centre. Tel: 01392 860034 or for emergencies call 999

  • Please provide up to date medical history and have an adequate supply of medication with you at all times or leave in an accessible place for a member of the team to collect in case of emergencies.

  • Anyone can provide first aid whether or not they have acquired training. It is however recommended that this is only provided in the basic stages of treatment and that further medical attention (first aid) is provided by first responders if required and called. In the case of injury or illness first responders are to be called out without hesitation.

  • We have trained first aiders on staff throughout the event and designated drivers.

  • We have a first aid kit and an accident book that needs filling in if an accident occurs by a member of the games team.

  • There is also a sign in and out book that you are to fill out if you are to leave the site before the end of the event for any reason, this is in case of a medical emergency or fire and we need to roll call all event attendees to make sure everyone is safe.

  • In case of fire the carpark is the first designated fire assembly  point, if the fire is in the car park field 5 will be the fire assembly point

  • Please do not try  to rescue items near or around the fire for your own safety

  • If there is a fire you will be told by a member of the games team to please make your way to the  designated fire assembly point, you will be told which one to go to.

  • Caddihoe Scout Centre is designated a completely non-smoking site this rule applies throughout the whole site, including fields and car park.

  • No Drugs are allowed on site.

  • Alcohol can only be consumed in tents, fields and barns, no alcohol in the woodlands area. Please drink responsibly and if you have been drinking you must refrain from LARP Combat. Game team has final say on if you are sober enough participate in LARP combat.

  • There is no time restrictions on alcohol consumption, although we do intend to run after dark/  night time plot and if the games team feel you are to intoxicated to participate you will be asked to sit out of the current situation.

  •  Any vehicles and other possessions stored at the site during an event are done so at their owner's own risk.

  •  Players should not venture into the woods at night. Night events must be kept close enough to the tree line to see the fields while it is dark or adequate lighting provided to the night event area by the games team.

  • The soil is heavy and can get soggy after heavy rain but soon dries out so suitable footwear is required.

  •  Turf must not be dug up for fire pits.

  • Fires are permitted provided they are of the altar type. Please ensure these are built at least half a metre from the ground to avoid damaging the grass. There are around 4 barrel fire pits on site it is first come first serve but only one per faction.

  •  Please also bring your own materials for building such fires which must be taken away at the end of the event.

  • There is an adequate supply of firewood which may be collected in the adjacent forest, but no axes or saws may be taken or used in the woods on the tree, they are not allowed outside the limits of the five camping fields.

  • No LARP combat is to take place near or around a fire pit, also please be mindful of the fires in general, where costumes, cloaks and weapons are concerned.

  • No fires in the woodland areas ever, fields only.

  • No fire is to be left unattended until it has died out or is put out.

  • There is only one ground fire pit in field 4 with benches this if used must not be left alone until fully put out.

  • Lanterns or torches will be needed at night to find your way to the toilets please if possible bring In Character looking lighting to keep with the feel of the event .

  • No pets are allowed on site.

  • Caravans are not permitted on the site except with the prior permission of the warden.





Event Safety

  • When speaking as a member of the management committee or game word committee, a committee member's decisions are final.

  •  No metal weapons are allowed on site. Camping tools are permitted but cannot be used as part of play and must be confined to a tent when not in use.

  • Every weapon, shield, piece of armour or other combat equipments must be checked and approved by an individual designated by the event committee before use. The current weapons checker is game team member James Myers.

  • Every weapon, shield, piece of armour or other combat equipments which fail safety-checking and are unapproved must be confined to an out-of-character storage location and left unused for the event.

  • Should any suspicion arise that a weapon, arrows, projectiles, bows, shield, piece of armour or other combat equipment has sustained damage during an event it must undergo safety-checking again before further use. It is also the responsibility of the player to check and maintain their LARP props and equipment throughout the event; if you are unsure please find a member of the games team as soon as possible. If a player continues to use unsafe equipment and cause injury to another attendee of the event this is not the fault of Arcadia LARP but that of the player.

  • Bows, Crossbows and Foam Dart guns (Nurf) also need checking and are not to exceed a draw weight of 25lbs with a small amount of leeway or they will not pass safety-checking.

  • Arrows and projectiles also need to be safety checked.

  • Bow’s are not to be shot at close range, a distance of 10m or less.

  • We currently do not allow thrust weapons and no cored weapon should ever be thrust at anyone. We do plan to consider thrust safe weapons at future events.

  • Headshot are not allowed and do not count towards hit points.

  • Cap Guns are not to be set off near people’s ears if possible.

  • Play should cease in the event of an out-of-character injury or potential safety issue. Use the “man down” call and gesture of arms in the air waving back and forth crossing over head. To bring attention to these events if nobody has done so already.

  • No in-character interactions can occur in out-of-character areas. This includes combat, trading, crafting and stealing.





Combat Safety

When doing combat, there are additional safety rules which must be followed to ensure your safety and the safety of those around you.

  • All physical strikes must be pulled. This means pulling the weapon back at the last second as to not strike with full force. This is not only to protect the target but also the weapon prop being used.

  • Any weapon prop with a total length greater than 42 inches is considered a two-handed weapon. When striking with a two-handed weapon, it must be wielded in both hands.

  • All weapon props must be wielded such that the wielder has control over them. Weapons with grips should be held at the grip, and both hands should be at least 2 foot apart when wielding a pole-arm.

  • Using your body weight in combat is forbidden. Do not dive, leap or otherwise charge into other players.

  • The only props with which it is acceptable to parry or block attacks are padded weapons and shields. Non-padded props such as bows must not be used for this.

  • Strikes can only be made with safety-checked weapons. Striking with your fists and grappling are forbidden.

  • Thrusting strikes are reserved solely for polearms such as spears and glaives. Such weapons will have to be thrust-safe to pass safety checking. You may not thrust with any other weapon, including any swords, staves and axes, even if the prop is thrust-safe.

  • While alcohol is permitted on the site, you must not engage in combat while drunk.

  • Your strikes must avoid the head and groin of your target.

  • You must not parry an arrow or other projectile mid-flight. You may block (preferably downwards) but may not strike the projectile out of the air even with a shield.

  • Avoid forcing your weapon against your opponent’s should they become locked. Similarly, do not look to hook your opponent’s weapon with your own.

  • Combat must not be done in the woods at night. Combat should be confined to the open fields while it is dark.


Each event before play, the referee team will instruct all new players on these safety rules and ensure they are familiar with the concepts of striking and pulling blows. If you are a new player, make sure you are present for this. Otherwise, if you still have any queries do not hesitate to ask.

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