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Useful things to bring to a LARP Event

Basic equipment you need to bring


Tent – there are 2 classes of tents, Class 1 an Out of character looking tent these are normal camping tents in bright colours. Class 2 an In character looking tent these are bell tents made of canvas or empire tents which have 2 poles. To try and keep the game immersive we separate the classes of tents, filed 1 houses class 1 tents whereas field 2 houses class 2 tents. If you have a class 2 tent but don’t want people entering it you need to supply a sign for the front of the tent saying Out-Of-Character area.

Sleeping kit- blow up bed or roll mat, pillow, sleeping bag, PJ’s, bed sock, even in the height of summer it will be cold at night so make sure you have a decent sleeping set up for the weekend.


Wash kit – we have a COLD shower on site available to everyone, there is also sinks in the bathrooms and outside water taps in certain field, the water is safe to drink and wash in. Towel, soap, toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo and deodorant. Eyeglasses or Contact cases (solution) if required.


Torch – its gets dark as night you will need to see your way to the toilets, preferable bring an in-character looking light like a lantern or electric candles. When out on a night time adventure only refs are allowed out of character light sources for emergencies so please be advised you will need an in-character light source at some point.  Always bring extra Batteries.


Footwear x 2– we advise comfortable walking Boots as in character looking as you can get them but that’s not an issue we do not advised trainers as there is steep slopes and lots of walking over the weekend. If possible bring 2 in case your first pair gets wet and muddle, we would all like the summer to be blistering hot but that’s not always the case.


Food and drink – You are spending the whole weekend in a fielded area surrounded by woodlands, you will need a good supply of food, snacks and drink. Through years of role playing experiences bring light snack foods like fruit and high in protein like nuts, plenty of water the water on site is safe to drink, and easy make food but notorious you don’t want to spend all your time cooking and miss out on plot. We do however have times of relaxed plot around meal times to allow people time to eat these will be quite time devoid of fights but might involve NPC role play. There is also a Tesco only 15 mins drive from the site if you forget anything but we don’t want people wandering in and out all the time, please remembers to use the sign in/out book if leaving the site. We do allow alcohol please see site rules about restrictions.  


Cooking equipment - gas camping stove, gas cans (do not leave in the sun!), pots and pans, kettle for the morning cuppa, plate, bowl, cutlery and mug. If you are planning on being a regular LARPer you can get in-character style cooking equipment like a tankard for drinking in the tavern.

Bin bags for rubbish – it is a working scout camp site we must keep it clean and leave it the way we found it.


Medication – if you require medication bring it! Also please let a member of the games team know about it and where you are storing it in case you need it in an emergency. It is also a good idea if you bring a small personal first aid kit fill with pain killers and bits to save taking from the emergency first aid provided by the club to keep cost down. We do have first aiders and a medical kit but it isn’t a help yourself system you must seek a member of the games team for access there is also an accident book.


Water bottle -  you will need to be able to carry water with you we have a large area available to us and we will use it meaning you might be away from the camp for some time and will need a supply of water.

Spare dry cloths – for leaving in on the last day, extra socks and underwear. Twice as many socks and underwear as you think you need.


In Character Costume and spare costume – you will be in these clothes all weekend unless your character dies which means you will need a spare costume to create a new character with, we don’t like people putting on the same costume and just saying “I’m his twin brother” this is not allowed so be prepared. Makeup, don’t forget ears, horns, spirit gum/remover if your character requires them.


In Character physical representation (phys reps) – Potion bottles, scroll, Spellbook, Latex Weapons, Pencil & paper, crafting tools and remember if you pick a skill that required a physical representation you need to bring it the games team do not supply it, they only supply items for crafting such as the herb tokens and food tokens.

Insect repellent and suntan lotion – we don’t want anyone to have a bad weekend because they suffered a bite or sun stroke please be mindful of your own physical condition at all times, talk to a member of the games team if you feel light headed or sick.


Matches/Lighter – for fire pits


Printed out Character Sheet - this is your life never lose it!

Money – for ticket if not prepaid, or in case you need to go for supplies.

Getting Started

To kick start your experience we have provided a downloadable Welcome Pack. The pack will help you to make full use of the facilities and activities we provide and will allow you to familiarise yourself with how Arcadia runs the events. Inside this pack you will find site and safety information, including a map of key locations, that we ask you to read. For players new to LARP we’ve included some extra information to help ease you into this fantastic new hobby.

Getting Started
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